Meet Your Coaches

Miles Davis

Owner and CEO

Farrah Galloway

Client Success Manager

I’m forever grateful to the friend that introduced me to CrossFit. I actually started with some personal training sessions before falling in love with the gym culture and CrossFit South Cobb. I’ve been going strong since 2014 and have never met a group of more encouraging and motivating people.
A native of Kentucky (Go Cats!), my family and I have lived in Smyrna GA since 2001. My husband (Aaron) and I have 3 kids Bella, Patrick & Henry. I spend most of my days on softball fields following my competitive daughter. She obviously gets it from me, afterall I played softball, tennis, and was even on the first girls soccer team at my high school! I’ve always loved sports because of the competitive culture and the social aspect, which is one of the things that attracted me to CrossFit.
That, and the fact that anyone can do it regardless of age, size or health factors. I love that everyday we do something different at the gym. I’ve met some of my closest friends at CFSC and feel like we have an awesome community!! I am very excited to help you all achieve your goals!

Yuri Feito, PhD, MPH


Katie Barnett

Coach, Personal Trainer

Jacob Blankenship

Coach, Personal Trainer

Kaitlin Goldin

Coach, Personal Trainer

Christina Ellenberg, CSCS, RD

Nutrition Coach

I played sports all of my life and ate whatever I wanted.  I was recruited to play soccer in college and gained a lot of weight during the first half of my freshman year. I met with our sports dietitian, made some changes and watched the weight come off and my fitness level drastically improve without any additional training. I changed my majors and pursued degrees in dietetics and health promotions. I found both my niche and passion, helping others feel their best through nutrition and fitness! Nutrition and fitness recommendations from the media are all over the place, “do x, y, and z and you will be healthy,” but that is not the case at all. Everyone’s body is different, therefore every person’s nutritional needs and fitness levels are different. I provide individualized nutrition coaching and personal training services to help you achieve your personalized goals.


Christina is a Registered Dietitian and Strength and Conditioning specialist. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics and Health Promotions and a master’s degree in Health Sciences with a Sports Nutrition Concentration.

Mike Maclean

Coach, Personal Trainer

Alexis Sills

Coach, Personal Trainer