Why You Aren’t Progressing With Your Health And Fitness

Here are a few reasons why you are working hard in the gym, but your body still doesn’t look the way you want it to yet:

1) You’re eating in a caloric deficit during the day.

But your snacking at night, oils you cook with, or tracking is off. Most likely all of the above.

2) You are sticking to your workout plan 3-4 days a week.

But using the same weight every week…

No progression.

3) You don’t know how to properly enjoy yourself on the weekends without hampering your health and wellness goals.

Most just say “all bets are off” Friday Night – Sunday.

4) You’re able to stay on track when you feel motivated, usually Monday, Tuesday, a few motivational videos on YouTube…

Then the wheels start to fall off.

5) You keep following workouts that you see on social media. Not individualize to you.

If you want to stop making these mistakes, and have an actual system unique to you to reach your health and fitness goals, give us a shout!  We’d love to connect over phone for a quick discovery call: (404) 850-0199, or email: [email protected]

Coach Miles