4 Simple Tips to Enjoy CrossFit to the Fullest

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering CrossFit, or you’ve already began your journey. For nearly 7 years, I’ve told new members that the most difficult exercise in all of CrossFit is simply showing up and walking through the front door. Once you’ve adjusted your life schedule to allow yourself to come on a consistent basis, below are 4 simple tips to enjoying your time at CrossFit South Cobb: 1. Introduce yourself. You’re at a gym like this because of community. It’s our biggest strength at CrossFit South Cobb. Even if you’re an introvert, a simple smile and “hello” helps a ton. You are surrounded by athletes and coaches who want to see you succeed. The relationships you build here can carry you through the tougher times in your fitness journey. Remember that we are all in this together! 2. Ask coaches for advice. Want to get better at those pesky Double Unders? Ever wondered if you have what it takes to learn a handstand push-up? Ask a coach! We can show you drills that will help improve those skill sets . No one wins if you leave with potential questions that never get asked. 3. Maximize your time … Continue reading 4 Simple Tips to Enjoy CrossFit to the Fullest