Do introverts need community too?

Most people from the outside of CrossFit would view our program as very community based and social. While that is true, I don’t believe it is a necessity to have an extremely outgoing personality to succeed at CrossFit. Take me for instance. Even though I lead the community at CrossFit South Cobb my natural inclination is to be inward. It takes a lot of effort on my end to reach out to those whom I don’t know and build relationships. After a long day at the gym, the last thing I want to do is to come home and open up about my day! It is exhausting and doesn’t come easily for me. Many times I don’t like telling strangers at parties what I do because they want me to open up about CrossFit and ask me tons of questions. While I have incredible passion for CrossFit and what it has done for my life, I prefer to let my body of work do the talking and not have to explain myself. Now take that same mentality that I know many of you also share and put it in the realm of a thriving CrossFit community. You yourself may have … Continue reading Do introverts need community too?