Just Keep Showing Up

Someone once said something to me that I’ve always kept in my head….”progress is not always linear”.  I’ve been in the CrossFit scene for almost a decade now. A large portion of that time was spent competing. It came with a lot of hard work, stress, commitment and even loneliness. But it also came with a lot of joy, excitement, accomplishment and memories that will last a lifetime. Fast forward to now…right now. I now have three kids, I’m about 40lbs overweight, the bar feels like it weighs a lot more than it does, the breathing is labored and some days it takes all I’ve got just to show up. But guess what, that is the one step you have to make for things to change. You just keep showing up. Life happens and when it does, you adjust. So when that barbell you just lifted 2 days ago doesn’t go up as easily today, or the pull-ups aren’t happening or the running feels slow..don’t sweat it. As a matter of fact, do the opposite. Celebrate the fact that you showed up and got through the workout….because literally some days will be about just getting through the workout and that’s OK. … Continue reading Just Keep Showing Up