Should I Be In Shape First?

In case you didn’t catch my name yet, I was named after a pretty famous jazz musician also named Miles Davis. Growing up I have easily heard the same 2 questions asked over 1000 times: 1) “Are you related to him?” 2) “Do you play jazz too?” Fast forward to my current life as a CrossFit Affiliate Owner and although there’s still no shortage of jazz-related questions, my number one conversation when telling folks about my vocation is: “CrossFit sounds cool but I’m not in good enough shape to join your gym”. If you’re reading this and you find yourself thinking the same thing, you are incorrect! Here are some reasons to help you change your opinion: 1.  Your first experience with us is always FREE This is your chance to let us convince you that CrossFit is for everyone. You have absolutely nothing to lose by showing up to a Free No-Sweat Session.  Getting a chance to meet our staff, tour our facility, and find exactly the program that works best for YOU is priceless.   You can start CrossFit with very small commitment to dip your toes into the program before deciding if we are right for you. 2.  CrossFit … Continue reading Should I Be In Shape First?