Body Fat Testing Near Me | Atlanta | Smyrna | Marietta

Our gym is happy to announce that we have acquired an Inbody 270 Body scanner.

What is an InBody Scanner?  An easy private way to measure body fat percentage, muscle mass, water weight, basal metabolic rate and much more.  To see a sample InBody Scan results page, visit HERE

Why should I use it?  We all want to continue to get leaner while making strides in strength and overall fitness.  The InBody results you receive will give you an accurate body composition reading so you can monitor your health all year long.

How can I get tested?  Anyone from the public can purchase an InBody scan for $39 or you can purchase a 2-pack of tests for $69.  Please visit BOOKING SCHEDULE or email to book your test.  Un-used tests cannot be transferred to others and they expire after 12 months from purchase date.  The scanner is located in the gym nutrition office.

* CFSC Nutrition clients will receive complimentary InBody scans as part of their service.