Succeeding Against the Odds: The Story of CrossFit South Cobb


If you look at logic, our gym shouldn’t exist. I started CrossFit South Cobb in Smyrna back in 2009 with no client list, no social media fanfare, and no previous entrepreneurial experience. 2009 was a scary time to put it lightly. The current economy was less than stellar and banks were in no hurry to lend brand-new businesses money. So I had zero excess capital to lean on, and no one knew my name. I didn’t have much going for me, but I had a vision. I started CFSC because wanted to let the public know that you don’t have to be intimidated with a program like CrossFit. I also believed everyone should know that fitness is not one-size fits all, and that you deserve to have the healthy life you’ve always wanted.

Nothing worthing doing comes easy of course. Upon opening my facility, I had just got word that the largest CrossFit brand of gyms in the Atlanta at the time was about to open its 3rd CrossFit location on the EXACT SAME street corner as my gym. What?!

The Man upstairs must have some kind of sense of humor. I find this incredible passion in CrossFit, and decide to pour out my savings into this new venture only to find out someone else with way more notoriety had a similar vision just 300 short feet away from me. Talk about blood pressure and anxiety levels shooting through the roof! Why would someone choose my gym over the place down the street?

Fast forward nearly 11 years and our gym has flourished and doubled in size despite our humble beginnings. If I can do it so can you!

Following these points below helped me and I believe they can help you:

1) Never give up – Seems easy to say but not so easy to do. Adverse circumstances will always come against you, but you’ll soon realize that you can use them to your advantage if you stay positive with your thoughts and attitude. You can’t create diamonds without pressure, so don’t be afraid to put your best foot forward.

2) Seek support – Not everyone wants to see you succeed. During adversity you will quickly find out who’s willing to get their hands dirty and help out and who’d rather observe from the sideline. Don’t take it personal. Not everyone thinks you should be in the role in you’re in, and that’s okay. Seek those who want to help you and lean on them as much as possible. No one can do it alone.

3) Stay focused on the task at hand Distractions can lead to downfall. It isn’t always someone pushing you off the proverbial ledge to failure, but we must watch out for the minuscule things that cause us to take our eyes off the target and lose our footing.

4) Reach back – Someone said to me a few years back, “Miles you’ve built this place with your barehands, all by yourself!” Nope! No one succeeds without help and I’m no exception. Once you do achieve success, don’t keep it to yourself. Encourage others by offering to teach them how you succeeded. They’ll be eternally grateful and you’ll strengthen your faith in yourself by vocalizing your past successes.

Struggle doesn’t always mean mistake. As coaches, we want our athletes to continue to progress in fitness, but also in life. We must know that progress doesn’t happen without adding constant resistance, and life works the same way. Don’t run away from the pressure. Without it we would never be able to help others, and that’s what I want my legacy to be.

See you at the gym,


CrossFit South Cobb